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OMS End Users Support Center
Click below on the desired icon (PDF document) under each topic to view or read the OMS instructions for that area.

New Member Registration

Instructions for individuals who are registering in OMS for the first time.

Transfer Registration Request

(from another State Association)

Instructions for referees wishing to Transfer (or Reactivate) from one state to another state. 

Registering for a Clinic

Use this to find and register for a clinic or fitness test.

Guest Registration Request

(from another State Association)

Instructions for referees wishing to referee in another state as a GUEST.

Registering for a Small Sided Clinic

Use this to find and register for a small sided non-USSF clinic.

Background Checks

Information and instructions pertaining to mandatory background checks. 


Existing Member
Sign In

For members who want to access registration information for clinics, fitness tests, upgrades, badge replacements and member information.

Viewing Your Registration History

Instructions for viewing your USSF/State Association registration history.

Changing Your Password

Instructions for changing or updating a member's password.

Accessing Online Lessons

Explains how to begin online lessons after reserving a clinic.

Updating Personal Information

Instructions for updating your personal information.

Recertifying as an Official

Instructions for recertifying as a Referee, Instructor, Assessor or Assignor

Transferring to a Different Clinic

Instructions on how to transfer from one clinic to another.

Upgrading as an Official

Explains the procedure for indicating your intention to upgrade as a Referee, Assessor, or Instructor.

Cancelling a Clinic Reservation

Instructions on how to cancel your clinic reservation and receive a refund, if applicable.

Accessing Extended Services

Explains how to access Instructor, Assessor, and other services within an individual's profile.

Ordering a Referee Uniform Starter Kit

Explains how a new referee or student can order an OSI Uniform Starter Kit.

Ordering a Replacement Referee Badge

Instructions on how to order a replacement badge if your first one is lost.

Finding an Assignor

Explains how you can find an Assignor for your local games or for games in a different area or a certain level.

Verifying Referee Certifications

Used mainly by an Assignor or SRC member to look up currently, registered USSF referees.

Requesting an Assessment

Instructions for requesting an upgrade or maintenance assessment. 

Viewing My Coach Report (Assessment)

Explains how a referee can view, save, or print their assessment report.

Creating a New Scouting Report

Explains how an experienced Referee, Assessor, Instructor, etc. can report an official who they feel should be looked at for advancement.

Creating a New Mentoring Report

Explains how a designated Mentor completes a Match Official Feedback Report (Mentoring Report).

Entering an Assessment

Instructions for an Assessor explaining the steps to enter a completed assessment.

If you have additional questions, please contact your State Association.

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