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Registering as a New Referee –

You must select a clinic to attend by clicking on Reserve next to the clinic you wish to attend. You may refine the clinic list to select from by changing clinic area. Once you “Reserve” your clinic, the clinic status will change to Checkout Required.  You MUST use the Checkout button in the Fee Items box to pay the associated fees for the Registration and the Clinic.

If you have not selected a clinic, you cannot checkout.

NOTE:  If you do not see the clinic you wish to attend, you may have selected the wrong Grade.  The Grade you selected is shown both on the Left side, and as a Registration Fee item on the right side.  If this is the wrong Grade, click on Remove next to the Registration Fee Item, and then reselect the correct Grade when the Category screen re-appears.  If the clinic still does not appear, it may be FULL or Closed (past the cut-off date).

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